Spirit of France

Spirit of France

The Spirit of France is the sister ship to the Spirit of Britain and is one of the newest ships on offer from P&O Ferries. The ship was constructed in Finland in 2010 but didn’t enter into service with P&O Ferries until 2012. The Spirit of France, like its sister, operates on the Dover to Calais ferry route and if you need to find out the Dover Calais Crossing Times with P&O Ferries you can simply click the link to find out more.

As the Spirit of France is the sister to The Spirit of Britain, it’s hardly surprising that it shares many of its characteristics. It is one of the largest in Europe and stands at around 213m long with a gross tonnage of approximately 47592. In addition to being of a similar size, the Spirit of France can also carry the same number of passengers. It has a total capacity of 1750 passengers, 180 freight vehicles or 1059 passenger vehicles.

Both the Spirit of France and Spirit of Britain are somewhat larger and newer than the Pride of Burgundy, Pride of Kent and Pride of Canterbury. T

Onboard the Spirit of France

The Spirit of France has been specifically designed to ensure you have a pleasurable trip across the channel. Therefore you’ll find a great array of facilities onboard.

Onboard facilities on the Spirit of France include a restaurant, bar and cafe, shop, games area and children’s area. Furthermore, there’s also a lounge area, lots of seating, premier club class lounge and a bureau de change.

The choice of a bar, restaurant and cafe ensures that whether you want a full meal during your trip across the channel or whether you just fancy a snack and a drink, there’s something for everyone. If you can’t do without your fix of an Americano or Latte, you’ll even find a Costa Coffee on board!

If you’re travelling with children, you’ll find a children’s play area, seating and some activities and entertainment onboard. Please note however this is only available during the summer months and on certain crossings.

Although there’s plenty of comfortable seating around, one thing you won’t find onboard the Spirit of Britain is accommodation. Due to the short distance and travelling times there are no cabins onboard.

Those with mobility issues will find that the ship is very accessible and staff are always available to help. If you’re planning to get the Dover to Calais ferry, ensure you keep an eye out for the Spirit of France!

Shopping Onboard

The onboard shop provides you with the essential items that you may need for your trip. These include headlight adaptors, maps, GB stickers and travel adaptors. You’ll also find that the shop offers magazines, books, toys, chocolate and sweets along with duty free items such as cosmetics, alcohol, fragrances and of course tobacco products.

To book your ferry on the Pride of Burgundy, please head over to our Dover to Calais ferry crossing page.