The Portsmouth to Le Havre route operates between Portsmouth in Hampshire in southern England and Le Havre which is in Normandy in the north of France. The service is very popular with those heading to Paris due to its excellent road links. Brittany Ferries are the only company to offer a passenger and car service on the Portsmouth Le Havre route. Brittany Ferries only offer one sailing per day to in either direction and the journey time is normally between 5 hours 30 minutes and 7 hours 30 minutes but this does depend upon tides and the timetable.

Portsmouth terminal is perfect for those not wishing to head to the southeast and is a popular alternative to the Dover crossings. Le Havre terminal is in the Normandy region of France and is the closest port to the capital. The route is also highly popular as Brittany Ferries offer an economical crossing on one of their ships with less facilities giving a no frills service.