Dover Calais Times P&O Ferries

Dover Calais Times P&O Ferries

Dover Calais Crossing Times P&O Ferries

There are up to 23 crossings on the Dover Calais ferry route with P&O Ferries each day. Below you’ll find the Dover to Calais ferry times to make choosing your ferry to France easier.

The Dover Calais is the quickest crossing from England to France with just a 90 minute journey times. The Dover to Calais service has millions of people using the route each and every year.

We’ve listed all of the possible ferry crossing times below. Please note that ferry times are subject to change and are dependent upon the date and day of travel so the times listed may not be available on your chosen day of travel.

Dover Calais Sailing Timetable

Monday – Sunday 00:00 – 13:00 Monday – Sunday Evening 13:01 – 23:59
Departure 00:45 Departure 13:15
Departure 01:00 Departure 13:55
Departure 02:05 Departure 14:25
Departure 02:25 Departure 14:45
Departure 03:20 Departure 15:30
Departure 03:40 Departure 15:40
Departure 04:20 Departure 16:40
Departure 04:50 Departure 16:45
Departure 05:30 Departure 17:25
Departure 06:30 Departure 17:45
Departure 06:40 Departure 18:35
Departure 07:25 Departure 18:45
Departure 07:40 Departure 19:05
Departure 08:25 Departure 19:15
Departure 08:45 Departure 20:05
Departure 09:25 Departure 20:15
Departure 09:55 Departure 21:20
Departure 10:15 Departure 21:25
Departure 11:10 Departure 22:05
Departure 12:05 Departure 22:25
Departure 12:10 Departure 23:15
Departure 12:55 Departure 23:50

P&O Ferries Check In Times

Please note that for P&O Ferries to France you must arrive for check-in a minimum of 45 minutes prior to the sailing departure time for vehicles and 60 minutes before for foot passengers. However, we would always recommend you arrive at least 90 minutes prior to departure just in case.

Take a look at our Dover to Calais ferry crossing page for more information or if you want to book your ferry please click here.