Rosslare to Roscoff ferry crossings connect Ireland to northern Brittany. The crossing is operated by Irish Ferries. Irish Ferries sail up to two times per week with an approximate journey time 17 hours and 30 minutes.

Rosslare lies on the southeast coast of Ireland while Roscoff is the most westerly port in France. The port of Rosslare is a popular departure point as it offers direct ferries to France. Therefore this negates the need to travel to the UK first.

Roscoff on the other hand has excellent road networks leading to and from the port. Hence it is ideal for those intending on staying in Brittany itself or for travelling onto other regions of France.

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Visit Rosslare

Rosslare can be found in County Wexford on the southeast coast of Ireland. The area is highly popular with visitors and is known for being one of the sunniest parts in Ireland.

There are a variety of reasons to visit Rosslare but most go to see the regions breathtaking scenery. Picturesque landscapes including rolling Irish hillsides, beautiful coastlines and cliffs and beaches in abundance can all be seen near to Rosslare.

If you’re visiting Rosslare make you you take in some of the fantastic local towns and villages. Waterford is famous for its crystal factory and at Wexford you’ll find the Irish National Heritage Park.

Visit Roscoff

Roscoff is the perfect gateway to Brittany and the rest of northern France and Europe. With its great architecture, history, food and culture visitors to Roscoff won’t necessarily have to travel much further into France to enjoy their time.

Within the older part of Roscoff you can find some wonderful 16th century granite buildings and houses which are home to a variety of gift shops, galleries and traditional restaurants and cafes. If you’re visiting Roscoff don’t forget to try some of the local Breton seafood, crepes and of course cider.

The region of Brittany offers some great natural scenery from the rolling countryside to the rocky coastlines. Those visiting Roscoff are often amazed by how quaint and picturesque the towns, villages and cities are.