Dover to Dunkirk ferry crossings connects southern England with northern France. The ferry route is very popular and is operated by DFDS Seaways. DFDS Seaways sail up to 12 times per day with an approximate journey time of 2 hours.

The Dover to Dunkirk ferry crossing is not as popular as the Dover to Calais crossing. It is however, worth considering as an alternative route into France and Europe. Lots of people choose the route when they are going to northern European countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands or Germany.

Dover ferry port lies in the county of Kent along the southeast coast of England. Dunkirk ferry port lies approximately 40 minutes to the east of Calais near to the Belgian border.

Why pick a Dover to Dunkirk ferry?

DFDS Seaways who operates the Dover Dunkirk ferry route currently have up to 12 crossings per day. This is the second-largest number of crossings from mainland UK to France and offers plenty of choices.

Dunkirk also boasts fantastic motorway links to many major cities in both France and the rest of Europe including ​​​Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.

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Dover to Dunkirk Route FAQ’s

Our Dover Dunkirk FAQ’s section helps you to find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the route.

Who operates the route from Dover to Dunkirk?
DFDS Seaways is the only company to operate the crossing, using three ferries, the Dover Seaways,
Delft Seaways and Dunkerque Seaways.

How long is the Dover Dunkirk crossing?
The crossing takes approximately 2 hours however this is dependant upon the time of day.

How many crossings are there per day?
DFDS Seaways currently offer up to 12 crossings per day on their ferry timetable.

What time is the first crossing from Dover to Dunkirk?
The first crossing leaves at 02:00 but times do vary depending upon the time of year.

What time is the last crossing from Dover to Dunkirk?
The last crossing leaves at 23:59 but times do vary depending upon the time of year.

Where can I find out more about the return route?
The return Dunkirk to Dover route details can be found by clicking the link.

Visit Dover

Dover is located at the narrowest point along the English Channel. Crossings for passengers, trade and war have departed or arrived in Dover for many centuries with crossing known to have taken place as far back as Roman times.

In the 11th Century, Dover castle was constructed and although there is evidence of previous fortifications, Dover Castle is the largest medieval castle in England. The castle has served an important part in English defences due to Dover being the gateway into England.

There are a variety of attractions not to be missed when you visit Dover. These include the Dover museum which tells the story of Dover’s history, the castle, of course, is a must-see and the white cliffs and tunnel held within should also be seen if at all possible.

The National Trust has completed works of the Fan Bay deep shelter and associated tunnels which were used during WW2 by the Allied forces. These tunnels can be visited and tours are available from Spring until Autumn each year and give a great insight into the hidden work carried out there.

Visit Dunkirk

Dunkirk is located in northern France and is probably most well known for the part it played in WW2 with the evacuation of Allied Forces from mainland Europe.

Dunkirk’s past is inextricably linked to the sea with the town boasting a strong maritime heritage for both fishing and trade. The town’s museums focus on these links to the sea with the Musée des Beaux-Arts which normally displays Italian, Flemish, and French art holding its festival of the sea and sailing. Within the festival, it’s possible to take a look around some of the boats and sailing ships, try sailing and also view a variety of exhibitions all to do with the sea.

The town’s museum also depicts Dunkirk’s maritime heritage during the period surrounding the War with a wealth of information, displays, and exhibits. There’s plenty to see and do in Dunkirk especially if you’re interested in the history of WW2 so make sure you take the time to stay and visit Dunkirk.​​