Pride of Canterbury

Pride of Canterbury

The Pride of Canterbury is the sister ship to the Pride of Kent and the Pride of Burgundy. However, the Pride of Kent is more similar in its design and styling. Constructed in Germany in 1991 the ship entered into service in 1992 as the European Pathway. The vessel works alongside its sister ships and the Spirit of France and the Spirit of Britain.

The ferry once operated originally on the Dover to Zeebrugge ferry route. However, as the Dover to Calais ferry route became more popular, P&O Ferries decided to convert it to a passenger ferry. Therefore in 2003 it entered service on the Dover to Calais route as the Pride of Canterbury.

The Pride of Canterbury is smaller than some of the newer ships in the fleet and stands at just 179.7m long. It has a gross tonnage of 30635 and 8 decks. In total, the ship can carry approximately 2000 passengers, 115 freight vehicles or 600 passenger vehicles. Like similar ships of the same size, it can reach speeds of up to 21 knots or 24mph.

Although all three ships are older than some others on the Dover to Calais route, P&O Ferries ensure you have both a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Onboard the Pride of Canterbury

As the Pride of Canterbury is of a similar design to the Pride of Kent and Pride of Burgundy you’ll be able to find a similar range of facilities onboard. All of these ensure you have a pleasurable and enjoyable journey across the channel. Onboard you’ll find a restaurant, brasserie, bar and cafe, shop, arcade games area and children’s area. There’s also lots of seating, club class lounge and a bureau de change with atm. You’ll even find a Costa Coffee onboard if you just simply can’t do without your daily Americano, Latte or Expresso.

The onboard restaurant offers a range of meals suitable for a variety of ages and tastes. Meanwhile, the cafe and bar offer the ideal alternative if you want a snack or drink.

Families with children will love the variety of things to keep them happy. There is a children’s play area and a variety of seating where they can sit and watch films or play games.

As with all of the Dover to Calais ferries, due to the short distance and travelling times there are no cabins available. Instead, space has been utilised to provide a variety of comfortable seating and of course the club lounge which can be accessed at a cost.

Those with mobility issues will find that the ship is very accessible and staff are always available to help. If you’re planning to get the Dover to Calais ferry, ensure you keep an eye out for the Pride of Burgundy!

Onboard Shopping

The P&O Ferries onboard shop gives travellers the opportunity to buy any essential items that are required for your trip that they may have forgotten such as headlight adaptors, maps, GB stickers and travel adaptors. The shop also offers a range of newspapers, magazines, sweets and duty free type items such as tobacco products, alcohol and fragrances.

To book your ferry to France on the Pride of Canterbury, please head on over to the Dover to Calais crossing page.