Dining Facilities Onboard Ship

Dining Facilities Onboard Ship

Dining Facilities Onboard Ship

Dining facilities onboard ship come in a variety of forms depending upon the ferry company, crossing and ship.

One of the major benefits of travelling by ferry is it gives you time to sit back and relax. Furthermore, you also get time to prepare for your onward journey and what better way to do so than with a tasty meal or snack.

Ships on all routes to France will have some form of food provision onboard. You’ll find a great choice of things to eat and drink to satisfy your appetite. From cafes to full a la carte restaurants, you’re sure to be able to find something to meet your needs.

Cafe and bar

Whatever the time of day there’s plenty to eat or drink at the onboard cafe or bar. Enjoy a refreshing hot or cold drink accompanied by some snacks.

Choose from a variety of drinks including beers, wines, spirits, soft drinks, tea and coffee. You’ll also find a great range of fresh sandwiches, salads, chips, pizzas, cakes, pastries and sweet and savoury snacks.


Each onboard restaurant serves a variety of freshly cooked hot and cold food at affordable prices. The restaurants are open throughout the day so no matter when you are travelling or when you’re hungry you’ll be able to get something to eat.

At breakfast time you can enjoy an English or continental breakfast with find a variety of hot and cold breakfast dishes along with fruit, cereal and croissants.

During the rest of the day the chefs prepare a variety of fresh and balanced meat and vegetarian alternatives, for the whole family to enjoy.

Children’s food

Whether you’ve got youngsters or teenagers you’ll find a variety of children’s food onboard to suit their tastes. Restaurants provide a range of child sized portions with some also offering goodie bags. The cafe and bar on the other hand provide a range of child sized snacks to ensure they don’t go hungry during the trip.

Please note that as with all food establishments those with allergies must be careful. However, allergen advice for food served onboard can be sought from the catering and restaurant staff.