Best time to book a ferry to France

Best time to book a ferry to France

Best time to book a ferry to France

What’s the best time to book a ferry to France? This is a question that comes up time and time again.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned traveller or if it’s your first time booking a ferry to France. Booking a ferry can quite often be a difficult decision. Do you book early or wait until closer to the time?

In our opinion the best time to book a ferry to France is as soon as you decide upon your holiday dates. This is especially true if your holiday is during one of the busier holiday periods.

Ferry timetables and bookings generally become available up to 12 months prior to departure depending on the company concerned.

Even if you’ve not chosen where to stay we’d always suggest you book your ferry as early as possible.

Benefits of booking early

Booking your ferry early gives you three main benefits.

Firstly, you can choose the crossing you want, at the time and date you want to travel. Space on the ferry is limited so once the spaces have gone, they’re gone.

Secondly, if you’re booking a night crossing and want a cabin you’ll find less availability closer to your date of travel. Cabins on overnight crossings book up extremely quickly at all times of year.

Finally like many other forms of travel, fares rise according to demand. Therefore as the number of spaces decrease, prices generally increase.

Our top tips for cheap ferries

If your main reason for booking early is to save money then below we’ve listed our top tips for cheap ferries.

  • Book early – As we’ve already mentioned, booking early generally gets you the best prices.
  • Travel during the week – If you can avoid travelling at the weekend, then do so as cheaper fares are available during the week.
  • Avoid peak times – Routes with more crossings such as Dover to Calais are often cheaper during the afternoon, evening or at night.
  • Special offers – Check out our special offers for the most up to date deals and offers available.
  • Compare prices – Use our handy comparison tool to find the best price for your crossing.

Booking your ferry to France.

If you’ve decided on your dates of travel and are ready to book your ferry simply visit our ferry crossings page or any of our ferry companies pages.