Daytime Ferry Crossings

Daytime Ferry Crossings

Daytime Ferry Crossings

Daytime ferry crossings are the cheapest and most popular way to travel from the UK, Channel Islands and Ireland to France.

With such a large variety of different crossings available and an abundance of departure times you really are spoilt for choice.

Whether you plan a quick hop across the channel from Dover to Calais or would rather take a slow cruise you’ll find plenty of things to do onboard to keep you happy.

Facilities onboard most ferries to France include: dining facilities, comfortable seating, entertainment, children’s play area, cabins and duty free shopping.

Dining facilities

If there’s one thing you’ll want to do on a daytime crossing it’s eat! Whether you want a quick snack or full sit down meal you’ll be able to find something to suit your needs. Onboard each ship you’ll find a restaurant, cafe, bar or all three, to provide you with refreshments. Find out more about dining facilities onboard ship.

Comfortable seating

All ships travelling to France have comfortable seating areas. Many of the seating areas have fantastic sea views whilst others have televisions to watch.


Onboard entertainment depends upon the length of the crossing. Shorter crossings will generally have less entertainment than the longer ones. Onboard entertainment can include: a cinema, games area, children’s entertainer, quiz, swimming pool and music shows.

Children’s play area

Some vessels travelling to France offer children’s play areas. These areas generally have some form of soft play and televisions showing children’s programs. Our post on sailing to France with children has more information.


Although cabins are generally considered to be for night time crossings they can also be really handy for daytime ferry crossings. Many families choose to book a cabin as it provides somewhere for children to sleep. Others like to get away from it all an relax in peace. Whilst those who suffer from sea sickness will find a cabin provides a little bit of privacy.

Duty free shopping

Whether you need a little retail therapy or want to buy something to keep the kids busy, make the most of the duty free shopping whilst on a daytime crossing. You can find out more about what’s on offer in our duty free shopping post.