The Calais to Dover ferry route provides direct travel from northern France to the south coast of England. Calais Dover ferries are operated by P&O Ferries and DFDS Seaways. P&O Ferries currently have up to 24 sailings per day and DFDS have up to 15.

Both companies have a variety of ships crossing the channel. DFDS Seaways ferries are the Côte Des Flandres, Côte Des Dunes and Calais Seaways whilst P&O Ferries are the Pride of Burgundy, Pride of Kent, Pride of Canterbury, Spirit of Britain and Spirit of France.

You can travel from Calais to Dover by ferry as a foot passenger, with a vehicle or in a commercial vehicle. Ferries are large enough to accommodate a variety of vehicles including motorbikes, caravans, cars, buses and vehicles with trailers.

The Calais to Dover ferry route is the busiest crossing from France to England. Millions of passengers use the ferry service each year. This is because of both the speed and number of crossings available each day. Each crossing takes approximately 90 minutes.

Calais and Dover are both located at the narrowest part of the English Channel. Calais ferry port is in the Pas-de-Calais department. Dover ferry port meanwhile lies in Kent on the southeast coast of England.