Portsmouth to Caen Ferry FAQ’s

Portsmouth to Caen Ferry FAQ’s

Portsmouth to Caen Ferry Most Frequently Asked Questions

This Portsmouth to Caen Ferry FAQ’s section will help you find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the crossing.

Whether it’s about the times of the ferries, location of the ports or how long the crossing takes you’ll find the answers right here.

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Where is Portsmouth Ferry Port?

Portsmouth ferry port is in Hampshire on the south coast of England. The address is Wharf Road, Portsmouth, Hants, PO2 8RU.

Where is Caen Ferry Port?

Caen ferry port is located on the north coast of France in the region of Normandy. The address is 7, Quai Gaston Lalitte 76200 Dieppe.

How popular is the Portsmouth to Caen ferry crossing?

Portsmouth to Caen is one of the most popular cross channel ferry services. Portsmouth offers the largest number of passenger ferry services to France from the UK and over 924,000 passengers travelled on the route to France in 2018.

How far is it from Portsmouth to Caen?

The distance from Portsmouth to Caen is approximately 116 miles.

How long is the ferry from Portsmouth to Caen?

The crossing from Portsmouth to Caen takes approximately 6 hours during the daytime and 7 hours on the night crossing.

Who operates this ferry route?

Brittany Ferries is the only ferry company to operate the ferry service. They currently use two ferries for the route, the aptly named Mont St Michel ferry and the Normandie ferry.

How many crossings are there per day?

Brittany Ferries currently operates up to three crossings per day depending upon the day of the week. The earliest ferry from Portsmouth is usually at 0815 hours and the last ferry at 2245 hours. From Caen to Portsmouth the first ferry is normally at 0830 hours and the last at 2300 hours.

How long before the ferry should I arrive?

Standard check-in is 45 minutes prior to departure however this varies depending upon the specifics of your travel. We would always recommend you arrive at least 90 minutes prior to departure.

Can you take​ food and drink on a Brittany Ferries ferry?

You are allowed to take both food and drink onboard the ferry to consume. However, there are a variety of food establishments onboard providing food and drink.

Can I​ smoke on the ferry?

Smoking and vaping devices are forbidden in public areas however they can be used on the open deck areas of the ships.

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