St Malo to Portsmouth ferries connect Brittany on the north coast of France with the south coast of England. There is currently only one ferry company operating on the route from St Malo to Portsmouth, Brittany Ferries. The St Malo to Portsmouth ferry timetable currently has up to 7 daytime sailings per week listed with an approximate crossing time of around 7 hours. There are also some overnight crossings available with sailing times of just under 11 hours.

Sailings times from St Malo to England do vary depending upon the season and so it’s best to check prior to booking.

One of the best things about sailing from St Malo to Portsmouth is the excellent road networks. Both ports allow easy onward travel to your final destination.

St Malo to Portsmouth Popular Questions

Find the answer below to some of the most frequently asked questions about the St Malo to Portsmouth ferry route to help you plan your journey.

How long is the ferry from St Malo to Portsmouth?
The average ferry crossing from St Malo to Portsmouth is around 7 hrs for daytime sailings and just under 11 hours for overnight crossings. The journey time may vary depending upon tides, weather and times of the year.

Which ferries companies sail from St Malo to Portsmouth?
Only Brittany ferries operate the St Malo to Portsmouth ferry crossing.

What time is the first ferry from St Malo to Portsmouth?
The first ferry from St Malo leaves at 1030 with Brittany Ferries.

What time is the last ferry from St Malo to Portsmouth?
The last ferry from St Malo to Portsmouth leaves at 2030 with Brittany Ferries.

Travel from St Malo to Portsmouth

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Visit St Malo

St Malo lies along the Emerald Coast of Brittany. It is a stunning port with plenty to see and do nearby including some wonderful beaches and coastline.

The town was originally founded in the 6th century and has always had a strong connection with the sea. However, it wasn’t until the 13th Century that it became a prosperous and wealthy trading port. Its popularity and notoriety came from its links with the French Corsairs. These pirates would use the port whilst they raided enemy ships on the orders of the King of France.

The walled port has wonderful selection of medieval streets and buildings. Thes house a number of shops, restaurants, and cafes selling locally produced goods and produce. Within view of the port is the famous Fort National. It was was constructed in 1689 to protect the port against attack from the sea and is well worth visiting. A short distance from the port you’ll find a fantastic aquarium which is home to some spectacular sea creatures.

Visit Portsmouth

Portsmouth is a famous and popular port which is located on the south coast of England just 74 miles from London.

The port offers a number of alternative ferry crossings from England to France including Le Havre, St Malo, Caen and Cherbourg in France along with a variety of other destinations.

Portsmouth as actually located on an island and has long establish ties with both maritime history and the Royal Navy due to its location. The Royal Navy has been based at the port for in excess of 800 years. A trip to the dockyard is highly recommended as you can visit Nelsons flagship, the Victory and the first iron hulled warship HMS Warrior. Other great attractions include the Mary Rose museum, Blue Reef Aquarium, the Spinnaker Tower and Southsea Castle.