How to get cheap ferry tickets?

How to get cheap ferry tickets?

How to get cheap ferry tickets?

You can get cheap ferry tickets by avoiding peak times, choosing your ferry route carefully, booking in advance, travelling on weekdays, travelling in the afternoon and looking out for special offers.

At FranceFerryBooker we always want our readers to find the best deals. We’ve therefore put together this handy post including some of our top tips on some of the best ways to find cheaper prices on ferries to France.

Whether you’re travelling from Dover, Portsmouth, Newhaven or Plymouth you can use our handy tips which will save you money for any of the ferries to France.

Our handy tips

1) Avoid peak times – Firstly where at all possible you should aim to avoid peak times if you can. Travelling during the school holiday will certainly cost you more than at other times of the year. Now if you’re travelling as a family then this may not be possible. However, even families can save money by following our other tips.

2) Choose your route carefully – The closest or quickest route may not always be the cheapest. Sometimes ferries a little further away can be cheaper if you don’t mind a drive. If you’re happy to drive a little further afield then take a look at some of the other ports and companies.

3) Book in advance – Booking your travel in advance is nearly always going to save you money. The closer you are to your travel dates, the more money you may end up having to pay. Book early and save money!

4) Travel on weekdays – Much like avoiding peak times, prices are often cheaper on weekdays than weekends. Most families travel on weekends and so companies will have more availability during the week. More availability means cheaper prices.

5) Travel in the afternoon – Busier routes such as Dover to Calais have more crossings per day. Early morning ferries tend to book up quickly. Those going further afield will always want to arrive in France as soon as possible. You’ll, therefore, find that prices are lower in the afternoon.

6) Look out for special offers – Finally lookout for special offers. Each company has a variety of offers throughout the year. Special offers mean lower prices so keep an eye on our blog or follow us on Facebook to find out when they are available.

If you follow our handy tips you’ll quite easily be able to buy cheaper tickets and have more money to spend on holiday.